Thursday, 11 February 2010

Too Many Shoes? NEVER

I have always been obsessed with high shoes, even since i was about 10. What made it worse was my mother would never let me have any! So i had to stick with high heeled jellies!

I was looking through my wardrobe last night, and i realized i really do have LOTS of shoes, i believe i have made up for my obsession by blowing my loan on ridiculously high shoes. The worst part is my favorite ones are ALL black.

Here are my favorite and most worn ones!

I got these strapped beauts from new look for £20. I needed some comfier but still gorgeous shoes and these ticked all the boxes! They have a 3 inch heel and 1 inch platform, but are cushioned on the sole, so they easier to dance in. I wore these with a peach pink body con skirt from Topshop, a plain black bar from La Senza and a black lace long sleeved top from new look.

I really wanted some wedges because i think they look so casual, chic and comfy. I got these again from New Look for £18. I wear them with socks in this because i really like the look. I recently wore these with a fitted stripey dress, and an oversize fur coat to uni.

These are YSL copy's of the caged shoes they did in 2008. I saw a similar pair in Topshop for £75, but then spotted these in New Look again ( I love New Look shoes!!!) for only £20. I wore these out clubbing recently with a black feather trimmed dress i brought from Zara for £30.

And last but no least possibly my FAVORITE shoes from Topshop. These are originally priced at £80, but i got them brand new off Ebay for £17.50.... i was very lucky! I just think they are so simple yet look so good, and make me look uber tall. I wore this with an off the shoulder slouchy sequin jumper and ripped jeans. These are 5.5 inch heels and they can get UN comfy after about 3 hours on but i am truly and deeply in love with them.

Would love to hear what you all think!

Love Sammy



Anonymous said...

oh!the shoes are sooo nice:)
like your blog <3333

Anonymous said...

thank you a lot for your sweet comment:)
i´ll be following you as well.
how are you?

SammyKins said...

aww thank you! your blog is amazing! esp your photos :)

im very good thank you! how are youu :)


Selma said...

Lovely shoes !!


kirstyb said...

love the last pair i used to have them but after too much wine i left them in a cab and never saw them again! they were so comfy xxxxxxx

roxybelle said...

Looooove the first pair of shoes. I'm a sucker for anything unique and those fit the bill miraculously. Lust.

Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

LOVE the last pair! AMAZINGGG :)

I've always been jealous of your incredible shoe collection! If only I was shorter... damn it!



Sweet bee said...

Love the boots!

SammyKins said...

my legs do look HUGE and FAT in these photos by the way! but i just wanted to show u all the shoes :)


Anonymous said...

hiaaa,thank you for following me!!
have you got facebook?
love sophie

Ansley said...

I think they are so cute!
beauty is pain, haha. maybe for awhile at a party they would be perfect!

Sweet bee said...

the shoes of new look are great! I have a similar pair, luv them!! I also had a heel ''fetish'' as i call it (a) =P when i was young.


Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

Oh, my, gawd... those topshop boots you found on ebay are amazing! What a find!

Nabila said...

new look shoes are actually amazing?!

Nabila xo

Kinsey said...

oh gah those shoes are incredible! I love the first pair just so chic! Love the wedges as well!
shoes make the world happy...or my world happy! too bad I havent been able to purchase any new pair lately!

Lauren Goddard said...

Yummy shoes!

x x x

Anna said...

Love the shoes...and your blog!!!

Days In The Life With Me said...

NICE shoes! :)

Check out my blog:

itswhatwewant said...

oooh love the first and fourth pair :)

RepublicOfChic said...

This post fills my heart with loving envy! :P

I adore the wedges!

Also, I saw leather and lace as your interests and I'm wondering what you'll think of my latest post? :)

Following now.

Couture said...

I love your caged shoes!