Sunday, 28 February 2010

This Is What Bordem Does To You...

Nom Nom

I think if my boyfriend new i was jumping on his bed and annoying all the other students below me..... i would be sleeping in a puddle.
How has everyone's day been? Tell me about your weekend... anything new?
Love Love

Birthday Times

Im finally back after a very random up and down birthday... and it still hasn't ended! as a certain person got so drunk on my night out we i had to take them back at midnight. I was not happy!! so we are re doing it on Thursday! A double birthday i think so!!! AND I'm also celebrating with my best friend Hannah when i get back home.
So on my actual birthday i was woken up with breakfast in bed, lots of funny and nice cards, a hand made photo album, Italian vogue and lots of money for shopping! My mum also came to see me and take me out for an Indian which was SOO yummy.
I was so happy! i also got £50 Topshop voucher which i spent as i went into town, had lunch and had a major shopping trip. This is what i spent it on...

This is my baseball style crop top... i love it so much! i wore it to a party with a body con skirt, lots of gold jewelry, my dotty tights and big chunky boots.


These are a medley of really awesome earrings! and seen as i have soo many piercing i thought this would be a cool investment, and a very nice picture of my ear...HA

My heart earrings, they are so heavy but worth it!

My layered gold necklace, i mainly got this for the cameos and pearl as it adds a vintage touch. The hearts are also lockets which i thought was sweet.

And last but no least, dotty tights that i have wanted for so long. *LOVE*

And good news... i have a camera!! finally i will have clear pictures and can do more creative photos.
How has everyone's week been?
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Thursday, 25 February 2010

The Boyf

This is the awaited boyfriend post! i choose his outfit and got him to pose on a bed.. he was very self conscious but we had a laugh doing it! I think he is going to wear this out for my birthday tonight! I think he looks gorgeous bless him for doing this!

He is wearing an Dolce and Gabbana tiled tie, a vintage gold buckled belt from a vintage store in Weymouth, ripped/frayed skinny jeans from Topman and a stripy layered shirt from Next.

Hope you like :D

Love Love

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Happy Birthday To Meeee....

OK i have a HUGE dilemma.... and i only just remembered its my birthday on Friday 26th February and I'm out TOMORROW night and being a poor student i will have to improvise with the clothes i have already... so i need all of your help and great advice!! I have got --- outfits that i may wear so you will have to be honest and tell me which one is your favorite! I want to look sexy as I'm getting old - i am NO longer a teenager!! I'm 20 *cries*
AND yes i no i have fat tree trunk thighs in these photos, bloody crappy laptop camera!!
Boyfriend make over is coming tomorrow every body! Sorry about the crisis hold up!!

i quiet like this one.. the dress is from river island! i got it for £5 in the sale!

I really like how fitted this dress is... i want to wear it with my black studded belt and my blazer but my belt has gone walkies...

This is very a plain black, shoulder padded shoulder dress. If i wore it i would accessories it up!

I like how this one is tucked in at the waist.

I love this skirt! its my absolute fav peach body con skirt from Topshop.

My vintage sequined top i have been dying to wear since i got it!

I got this at Christmas and Ive only worn it once.. its a sequined off the shoulder dress! if my camera wasn't so crappy you could see its really cool!

I added my YSL copycat boots. £20... bargain

This is my sale miss selfridge dress... £15 from £40! i love it so much! I have added worker boots and a gold chain but I'm not too sure if its more casual...

This is my bodycon leather dress, i added a long silver chain, my short chequered blazer which as £1 from primark! i cut the sleeves off as they were too long tho...
I did my hair with a fringe tho because i think it looks quiet cool and punk.

And last of all my sale topshop dress,, £25.00! i have wanted it for ages ever since me and Hannah Banana did the London rose tribe in topshop.

Sorry its a quick post, and i haven't really accessorized them properly or done my hair properly but I'm having crisis! If you could help me choose a dress that would be awesome!!
Ill put the photos up in a few days of what i wore and how i accessorized it.
Love Love

p.s while i have been doing this post with my birthday money i AM investing in a camera HA HA

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Im scared of zombies

I'm just watched Shaun of the dead on my own... why?? because I'm stupid and i new it would scare me! now I'm too scared to go outside... HA HA so my boyfriend is coming to meet me! I no I'm so pathetic!
So i thought id do a quick outfit post. I was in a slouchy mood today to i am wearing a xxxl men's ASDA t shirt which i have slashed on the left shoulder to make it like an off the shoulder 80's type jumper. I then added LOTS of gold jewelry, and my favorite gold and black ring.
To break up the black i added my Topshop stone wash jeggings and my favorite worker boots.

Sorry its a short one today but i have lots to sort out for my next interview.... BUT i have a post idea which i want your opinions on!
I was thinking of styling my boyfriend and doing a post on him, because he is quiet indie and i LOVE that type of style on a guy..
Hows your day going?
Love Love

Monday, 22 February 2010

Arty Farty Love...

I have yet again another interview.... I'm not complaining but I'm panicking big time!!! i have to do/hand in 20 images to the uni by the 4th march and I'm having a bit of a mental creative block! So if you guys have ANY suggestions i would be soooo grateful! Its a fine art course, so i mean ill have to do a lot of painting and drawing but anything ideas i would be s grateful to hear them!

But here is a very small amount of work work which i have decided to use....

I sketched the most common movement of hands onto a ripped sheets of newspaper and then tea stained it. I then sketched free hand over the top with biro.

And a close up...

I had to do some life drawing in class, so i thought that i may as well use it as it is a fine art course!! I just used a variety of H and B pencils.

Love Love


Hellloo everybody... i no its ridiculously late but i felt to urge to post my other recent mini project- Icons in a modern world.
I have styled this model (Cat) with my own clothes, to make her look like 5 different icons from 1940's-2000. The first interpretation is of Marylin Monroe...

I'm not too sure about the one below as her hair covers her eyes...

Here i have tried to make her look like Madonna in the 80's, i loved styling this one as i have so much lace items of clothing!

I edited these on again.. i don't no what i would do without it.

We used a matchstick filters and a rizla to make the cigarette.. so creative! HA

and Britney spears....

I'm not sure of this one... i played around with this one quiet a bit!

Cheryl Cole and her famous big smile

And last but not least Audrey Hepburn that i have manipulated to be modern day by using ketchup and coffee as props.

One of her most famous poses!

Hope you like them!
Love Love

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Press & Editorial

SORRY i haven't posted for a few days but i had some bad family news... my step Nana died and i was quiet upset and confused so i have been on the low. This has caused me to flare up in psoriasis so its not been a good few days! My best friend Hannah has been amazing and if it wasn't for her i probably would have broken down, she is just the best. I love you Hannah banana!!
So i have been preeping for my interviews... for photography and fashion promotion and i have just finished editing them. The first lot of photos is meant to be a story of a lost girl, she is lost in the way that she has not found her place or direction in the world yet. Here is the mini statement that i have submitted too. Its not quiet finished yet, but i put it up so you understand the photos more.

Look deeper.

I have begun with these words because I want you too look at the person, the main focus and understand her, the colours, what she is wearing and where she is.

I have incorpereted the scenry of her local town, so there is a strong contrast between who she is and where she is and to make it easier for the reader. As you can see by the way she dresses, she does not belong here. She is a city girl from london who is un sure of her life and her direction. So she traveled to find her place in the world. As you can see she is alone in these pictures, she finds it hard to fit in as she is reserved and weary of opinions and judgements that may be placed upon her. A trouble child, she smokes and drinks, and is always looking at her phone to avoid akward conversations or meetings.

She came here for a reason.

Hope you like!

Love Love

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Jadore La French

I look so french today! i had an allergic reaction to some washing powder recently and i now have very very clothes that i can wear :( but it didn't turn out to bad! i had these tights from when i dressed up like a smurf!

I haven't had my hair curly for ages... its naturally like a bush but i was surprise when i woke up and it look actually alright! Its the first time i have use the new herbal essence and its SO good!

Here I'm having WAY to much fun with, i look like a devil......mhwawawawa

So here is the last of my wardrobe pretty much! i brought this stripped fitted dress from new look at Christmas for £16... its such a good buy because its simple, and you can wear it casually or wear it out clubbing with a nice pair of shoes.

I always thought this coat looks french! so it goes with the look very well! my favorite part of this coat is the black resin buttons! its such a comfy and stylish coat and it got it for £25 from good old primark...

My little booties that i have been dying to wear since i got them a few weeks ago! I'm wearing them with thick black socks and my white tights to add a bit of contrast, and to cover up my kancles!!

Sorry its a bit of a boring post... but i have no clothes!!!!!!!!!

Love Love