Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Happy Birthday To Meeee....

OK i have a HUGE dilemma.... and i only just remembered its my birthday on Friday 26th February and I'm out TOMORROW night and being a poor student i will have to improvise with the clothes i have already... so i need all of your help and great advice!! I have got --- outfits that i may wear so you will have to be honest and tell me which one is your favorite! I want to look sexy as I'm getting old - i am NO longer a teenager!! I'm 20 *cries*
AND yes i no i have fat tree trunk thighs in these photos, bloody crappy laptop camera!!
Boyfriend make over is coming tomorrow every body! Sorry about the crisis hold up!!

i quiet like this one.. the dress is from river island! i got it for £5 in the sale!

I really like how fitted this dress is... i want to wear it with my black studded belt and my blazer but my belt has gone walkies...

This is very a plain black, shoulder padded shoulder dress. If i wore it i would accessories it up!

I like how this one is tucked in at the waist.

I love this skirt! its my absolute fav peach body con skirt from Topshop.

My vintage sequined top i have been dying to wear since i got it!

I got this at Christmas and Ive only worn it once.. its a sequined off the shoulder dress! if my camera wasn't so crappy you could see its really cool!

I added my YSL copycat boots. £20... bargain

This is my sale miss selfridge dress... £15 from £40! i love it so much! I have added worker boots and a gold chain but I'm not too sure if its more casual...

This is my bodycon leather dress, i added a long silver chain, my short chequered blazer which as £1 from primark! i cut the sleeves off as they were too long tho...
I did my hair with a fringe tho because i think it looks quiet cool and punk.

And last of all my sale topshop dress,, £25.00! i have wanted it for ages ever since me and Hannah Banana did the London rose tribe in topshop.

Sorry its a quick post, and i haven't really accessorized them properly or done my hair properly but I'm having crisis! If you could help me choose a dress that would be awesome!!
Ill put the photos up in a few days of what i wore and how i accessorized it.
Love Love

p.s while i have been doing this post with my birthday money i AM investing in a camera HA HA


M A R T I T A said...

I love your blog!
I follow! :)

Claire said...

My fave is the strapless black one! Really suits you! Would look gorgeous with a blazer like you said, and some ankle boots!

Hannah ♥ said...

oh my god, too many to choose from! haha!
I say.... either the peach body con skirt, topshop 1 shoulder dress (AMAZING), sequin dress or sequin blouse. but they're all amazing!!!!

I wish you were here for your bday - it SUCKS that I won't get to see you.



Teresa-Rosa said...

Love all your outfit ideas! My faves are the vintage sequin top, the black fitted dress or the last topshop dress. Happy Birthday for friday! :) xo

MJ said...

I love the fitted dress and the vintage sequin top :)

I must admit I went with the first outfit in the end (the sequined black dress) because it has magical qualities which pull in all of my wobbly bits!! :D


* Reena Rai * said...

Ahhh I looove the first two dresses. Almost bought the RI one but they didnt have it in my size

Paz said...

I loveee your blog :)
Please, follow me and I follow you ok?

Charlie ♥ said...

ooooo omg tough decision!!! im thinking miss sefrige dress/vintage sequined top or peach bc skirt cant decide! sorry i cant be of more help lol! ♥



heartshapedbruise. said...

I've got that first River Island dress too - got it a while ago but haven't worn it yet. In fact, haven't even tried it on yet..!

I personally would go for the vintage sequined top - ever so pretty, but still sexy :)

Hope you have a great birthday x

Laura Jaye said...

The 2nd picture seems "sexier" in a non lesbian way
Just a gorgeous dress (:

or the sequin one near the botom.


itswhatwewant said...

i vote for the last one :)

Hannah ♥ said...

actuallyyyy just had another look and can I take back my answer? haha!

WEAR THE LEATHER WITH THE CHECKED BLAZER! soooo edgy & simply amazing! you'd look killer!


sarah xo said...

ohhh they are all so pretty! I definitely love the first one! It seems like such a party dress..a birthday party dress! But you will look gorgeous no matter what one you wear x]


Anna said...

I like the second one (the strapless black). It's chic and sexy. Love this combination.
And great post!!!

Becca said...

Wow, you have so many pretty dresses. The second dress makes your figure look gorgeous, so jealous!! hehe xx

Anonymous said...

Peach body con or the fitted dress (one with no belt) ;)

Kim said...

Congrats !! And I love the dresses

Melissa said...

Happy almost birthday!
I choose the strapless fitted dress. It looks amazing & sophisticated (:
Great for going out for your 20th birthday.

xx, Melissa

Bonnie Blue said...

if you want to look sexy, you must wear the lbd, second from the top.
tree trunk thighs!? rediculous!!!


Berlin said...

Thanks for the follow =D
Have a new post.


Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

That strapless LBD is HOTTTT! It gets my vote!

Fashion Pix said...

I vote for the second one. That dress looks absolutely amazing on you and it's so sexy!

Eliza said...

I really love the dress from River Island and the bodycon LBD too.
But I think I'd go forrrr... the LBD if u wanna look sexy ;)

siiick post :)

love Eliza xxx

never clip my wings said...

what about your sequinned top, really messy big hair, red lippy and like leggings and some really high platform heels?

Couture said...

I love the River Island dress and the Miss Selfridge dress!


Paz said...

Thanks for follow me :) I'm following you that I said ok?
Kisses prett^^

x.abigail said...

I LOVE the sequined off the shoulder dress!! You have loads of nice outfits, so whatever you wear you'll look fab!


c h a r l o tt e said...

i loveee the sequin top, it looks lovely so personally i'd opt for that one :)
happy birthday for tomorrow!

Logan said...

Just stumbled upon your blog and had to follow. It is very cute. I love all the pictures. Your figure looks great in all the dresses girl! I'm a dress girl myself. I find it is the easiest (hello one peice) and flatters my curves. I kind of want the strapless black one immediately! Maybe you could check out my blog sometime too. I just started but have lots of fun beauty, travel and fashion stuff to come! Best of luck to you! xoxo

Milly. said...

WOW Sammy. Literally you are absolutely stunning! ! I love the first two or three dresses, but to be honest I think you look amazing in all of them. 100% sincere you really do.

The tree trunks comment better be a joke!! Because otherwise I feel seriously inadequate haha.

Have the best birthday ever!! xx