Thursday, 25 February 2010

The Boyf

This is the awaited boyfriend post! i choose his outfit and got him to pose on a bed.. he was very self conscious but we had a laugh doing it! I think he is going to wear this out for my birthday tonight! I think he looks gorgeous bless him for doing this!

He is wearing an Dolce and Gabbana tiled tie, a vintage gold buckled belt from a vintage store in Weymouth, ripped/frayed skinny jeans from Topman and a stripy layered shirt from Next.

Hope you like :D

Love Love


Claire said...

awww, adorable :)

Hannah ♥ said...

awwww bless him for doing that, & his hair looks amazing! haha

you styled him so well!

tell lawrie I say HIIII! I miss you guys :(

Hope you have fun tonight sweetie



Labyrinth said...

well done girl :)

RepublicOfChic said...

Such edgy hair :)

Nicely done styling :)

style baro said...

Lovely. I follow you.
A big kiss

Milly. said...

2. Your boyfriend's so cute. He looks really well dressed so nice styling hehe. Mine refuses to have photos taken :(
3. Betty J was literally amazing, I'll put photos up aSAP.
4. I love your header...!! xx

Pippa Artus said...

This is so cute :)
Love his messy hair :)
My boyfriend could never have his hair that long, as soon as it gets remotely long and nice, he chops it all off! Love the tie and tee combination!
You seem so happy to be showing him off! :) Im the same!
Have a fun night out :)

SammyKins said...

he is a very good person! i love him to bits, not just as a boyfriend but as a friend he is really great!

itswhatwewant said...

you dressed him really well! :) i remember the time i "convinced" my significant other to wear stylish white shoes :p i wish i could make him wear the pants your bf is wearing :p

Nathalie said...

The pictures looks so cool and I really like this outfit a lot. Hope you are having a wonderful celebration tonight

Eliza said...

aww hes cute!
and in response to your post @ The Vintage Closet -
I'll be willing to swap anything along the lines of what I've posted really.
Just email me ( with an ideas of things you want to swap!

Love, Eliza xx

Charlie ♥ said...

cute! happy bday for tomorrow sweet xx



kate wilson said...

I wish I could dress my boyfriend the way I want to everyday haha. He looks good, and I love his hair!

kirstyb said...

love the shirt x

Marcell-a said...

wow. cool :)
your blog is cool :)

Schnella said...

Aw cute(:

Anonymous said...

lawrie what is an sexy bastard :)

kumar said...

beautiful blog , nice stuff , looks u have a great sunday enjoy