Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The Takeover

OK. so im going into town to do this protest which i have wanted to do since FOREVER, for lower student fee's. Which is effectively a good cause :D and there is going to be a ridiculous amounts of people there, i am genuinely really excited!

Before i go i thought i would leave a post on my outfit, and i decided to go hippy with a hint of glam ♥

I always wanted to wear a bandanna but wasn't sure if they would suit my huge forehead! but i invested in this H&M black chiffon style one, and at 99p ((BARGAIN)) Im bored of jeans too so i thought id jazz it up a bit by rolling them up with my gorgeous worker boots from river island to make it look more hippy grunge. The shirt however is a little more limited as i stole this from my Dad, i love how oversized but fitted it is ( even tho its a mans shirt!)

Sorry my camera is on my laptop, the photos are awful! I seriously NEED to invest in a good camera and tripod.!

Let me no what you think.....


FESI said...

Lovely blog!

SammyKins said...

thank you sweetheart! :)
i left a comment on your blog

love sammy

Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

lovely outfit - especially your boots which I've wanted to steal from the moment I saw them! If only we had the same size feet... *sigh*

♥ Hannah



Y said...


Thanks for coming by my blog! I know you! You're Hannah's best friend arent you.. hehe
Like your photos keep em coming


Fashionography. said...

I'ld love to exchange links! Lovely blog.

Kinsey said...

I would have loved to join that protest to lower student fees. tuition is so expensive for school! its ridiculous!
really cool outfit! really cool blog as well!


ps: thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog! :)

Angeliq Lipstick and Danielle Blush said...

nice to find you .. kisses from mexico please visit our blog and if you like it follow us too...

Clara said...

i love it

SammyKins said...

thank you gorgeous! im following its such an awesome blog! esp the background i love it!


x.abigail said...

I loooove the hairspray shot!! I might have to try something like that haha!

I got mybackground from
Or if you google 'the cutest blog on the block' they do nice ones too. I can do a step by step if you want :-)