Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Never Clip My Wings

Through out school i have envied my very good friend jade, an extremely talented friend. Understatement of the year as she is fabulous...AMAZING at art, its unbelievable! She is currently studying at Central Saint Martins and manages her own blog where she features some of her work that she is currently working on. I was so impressed i just had to share it with you lovely lot! Here is some of my favorite bits....

This is my favorite, how amazing is it?! The use of contrast with water colour is fabulous.

Alot of work, development and thought have gone into these peices and there is more information on her blog about these amazing art peices.

Jade Brown @

Let me no what you think!

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roxybelle said...

You have such a beautiful blog and the style that I'm always yearning for :)
I'm definitely a follower.

SammyKins said...

thank you gorgeous! made me smile that did aww :D i just been on your blog and left you a comment

love xxxxx

Claire said...

First thing i thought of was Ophelia when i saw the first photo. Simple because it is that beautiful. Or because i'm a literature student. lovely blog <3 C

never clip my wings said...

sam! you are far too lovely about my work! yeah, the first two were based on ophelia, the photo was my response to it and the watercolours were my attempt at a transcription :) x