Thursday, 8 December 2011

My first outfit post in a very long time.

So its been a very long time and a lot has changed! For starters I've had my hair ALL chopped of into a pixie cut. Its grown out a bit now but i still can't believe how short i decided to go! When i broke up with my boyfriend of three years i just needed a change really, we have all been there! Only thing is its mega curly so it needs to be tamed!

So recently i went to Bestival with my new crop, its so short! But at a festival its SO much easier to keep tame. For anyone who hasn't had the festival experience yet i would say go to Bestival 2012, it is amazing! Its very charity orientated and just such an amazing time! Everyone talks to everyone, you get to see different bands its just incredible! Below is me and my little sister laura,who ironically is taller than me. Which is why i am branded with the nickname 'ump a lumpa'. I am wearing a simple prim ark top (£3) and some woollen snuggie tartan shorts from the YMCA charity shop (£5) along with the token wellies from my local charity shop (£1.50). Bit of a budget outfit really!

So the stress of having no money to buy beautiful clothes with is depressing, so my housemates and i do swaps, so we don't get bored of wearing the same thing! Luckily they are all charity shop whores like myself.
Here i am sporting the classic LBD look, with a black bandeau top, (£3 Primark), black body con skirt from Topshop (£18), vintage see thru tunic, patterned with velvet flowers from a charity shop £1.50) and some little black patent shoes.
I accessorised this with a clock necklace that i lent from a friend, which i am in love with!

Does anyone one know where i can get one of these from fairly reasonable? Student loan defiantly doesn't cover much!
Hope your all well and looking forward to seeing your new posts!

Love Sammy B

Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Hey everyone!!!! Im sure you noticed its been a year since i last properly blogged! I basically left due to online bullies ( we all know what that feels like.)

Anyways i am back and can't wait to see all your new blog updates and show you some of my new christmas purchases! Im currently living in the oh so glamourous Cornwall, and the charity shops are amazing! Everything £1 and you get some real gems in there!


My favourite part of winter, big coat and warm boots. I got these from Topshop for £65. Bit over my normal budget but they are gorgeous and so comfy!

I also got a gift from my nan, a gorgeous vintage bag she has had since she was 16! I am in love with it!

For those that followed my blog previously, you will all know that i had such short nails as i bit them. I broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years 6 months ago and just wanted a change ( i know it sounds silly but you know what its like!) so i decided to break the life time habit and grow them! 6 months later.....

Bit of a random post but i would love to hear from you all again!

Love Sammy

Friday, 15 July 2011


hI guys! Sorry its been a while that i have updated but i thought you should know about this awesome new vampire romantic comedy film & comic - vampire wedding!


All ambitious but heartbroken wedding planner Sophia cares about is her fiancé Michael, who apparently just dumped her.

Neither the high profile wedding of aging silent movie legend Angelyne Argyle nor the nomination for the Wedding Planner of the Year Awards help to brighten up her day, when all of a sudden she finds herself surrounded by vampires plotting to take over the world.

With the help of photographer Paula and florist Raymond, Sophia jumps to rescue her fiancĂ©, to ruin Angelyne’s evil plan and to save the world from impending doom.

They also have a brilliant new vampire casting competition happing RIGHT NOW! all you have to do to be in with the chance to play a vampire in a REAL A-LIST FILM is to take a picture of your best vampire attire/impression and send it into the vampire wedding facebook group at & dont forget to send your contact details to! make sure you enter the casting competition! i'm getting my fangs on & out for it!

in the meantime check out their vampire blog & twitter -

and comment me back for more info!

love ya guys!