Monday, 15 February 2010

Im an apple

So this week has been VERY interesting. I have made new friends, been called an apple, got incredibly drunk off Lambrini and received NOTHING for valentines day after i had spent all morning making my boyfriend heart shaped pancakes, filling balloons with notes AND buying him a DVD and chocolates. So i decided that retail therapy would do me some good.

I found this cute little vintage shop on the outskirts of town, although it was piled high with junk i managed to find this studded belt, which was only 50p! How could i say no?

I also come across this cute LBD, which is the perfect fit and only £2.50. So i have put together and outfit, including my purchases today! Bargains always cheer me up!

Sorry i have not included my face in today's post, it looks silly but i have been ill so i loo dreadful!

Hope you like.... Love Love

This is the LBD, i have added my boyfriends denim shirt, that he got from topman...i admit i did steal this from him!

I attached a diamond encrusted apple brooch from Topshop to the pocket, just to add some sparkle! AND the belt that was 50p is around my waist to refine my waist line.

And the belt.... It had 4 different popper onto the back so i can adjust it to wear on my waist or around my hips.

This is the apple brooch, which is very similar to the one im wearing. I tried to take one on my camera but its truly rubbish. This is one SO cute tho! The only difference is the one i have it fully encrusted with cubic zircons.


tess said...

oo sorry about your valentines day, retail thereapy is a must! that dress is HOT! and I like the pairing with the bfs shirt

Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

That dress is fantastic! I like how you mixed it with your boyfriends top! I steal stuff from my boyfriends closet all the time too haha

isabella said...

i love your blog!
i just got one question... what windows do u have? or you use MAC?
Beacause i try several times to download ''polaroid'' to have this effect on the pictures and it's not working for me, pherhabs it's that i have windows 7 ...
Please help :) or tell me if there are other softwares!
Please answer on my blogg :)and well follow me if u like!

roxybelle said...

OMG! The same thing happened to me. Nothing, not so much of a mention of the holiday even though I made an effort (albeit a small one) to get him some treats and a card to show how much I love him. Boo hoo :(
Boys are lame. Cute dress, by the way :)

Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

ahahahahaaa 'I'm an apple' oh that made me laugh. Such a good 'fuck you' to the bitch who said it :)

I must admit I'm pretty jealous you've been drinking lambrini without me!

Loveeee that dress, you look incredible in it! Wish I had those boobs! And the belt is just gorgeous. Take the shirt home with you - will serve him bloody right!




sarah xo said...

Aw I'm sorry about your valentines day, I had a similar experience. However, those finds are just gorgeous! I love that dress! x]



streetlighteyes said...

Sorry about your Valentines, & you went to so much trouble :(

You have a faaaaab bod!

Trop Rouge said...

I take to take a double look at that dress. it is just so stunning on you.