Thursday, 4 February 2010


I have nothing to do today, so im going to pop into town and thought i would try the Taylor Momsen suspender look! Now all i have to do i work up the confidence to wear it im short and dumpy im not sure if i can pull it off as well as other people.

So here goes.....

Im not wearing a suspender belt however, they are attached to pants which is so much comfier and less fiddly! I got the pants, and stockings from Asda for £4, and the coolest thing is the stockings have a line running up the back of the leg! The over sized T-shirt is from a charity shop, which i got for £1.50....Bargin. Im wearing the same river island shoes which im totally obsessed with right now!

I was going to wear LOTS of gold jewelery but i tried and tested, and it looked a little silly so i have simplified it with a necklace i got from my sister at Christmas saying 'Skint'. Which i sooooo true, you got to love student life!

Let me no what you think :D

Love Love



Anonymous said...
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Angeliq Lipstick and Danielle Blush said...

your look different and weird, and as long as you feel good you will always look great darlin'... we drees up every day to costumize our personality and see what happens with people brains !
kisses from mexico !!

Take Your Last breath said...

that necklace is amazing. ive got have one! wheres it from?

p.s i think that outfit was great!

Christie Brewington said...

i love this outfit, good you wore it out!shows you have confidence. and yay the necklace i got you!!!! love you

SammyKins said...

well after the comment form anonymous i took it off! took me like 3 months to get the confidence to wear that coz i saw taylor momsen wear it and thought mmm ill try it! but im not gonna bother with that coz obviously after one person wears it NO ONE CAN.

love your blog Mexico!! ur so lovely!

take last breath its from new look... love it! and thank you sweet heart made me smile!

and Christie thank you lovely! im loving you blog atm ur gorgeous as usual

Kinsey said...

I like the look a lot! so daring, but really cool! The sunnies look awesome as well.

ps: really cool necklace!

San Diego Bed and Breakfast said...

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Anonymous said...
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Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

Sammmm honey I absolutely ADORE THIS! AMAZING! So perfect with the aviators as well :)
Tres Taylor Momsen!