Monday, 1 February 2010

All Work And NO Play ♥

This is my first post (snaps for me!) and i wanted to get on with is as im to impatient to take some outfits posts. So im going to show you lovely people what i had to do at Uni last week.
I had to do a styling project, and make a video witch was pretty much a customer profile. The photo shoot had to link to this. I decided to do the background white as my character was a 19 year old, with a part time job in a band. She is not really decided on life yet so spends time with her friends and family in london and has made no definite plans.

Soooo i did my photo shoot against a plain background as this reflected the fact that she had not made her mind up on life yet.

This is my little sister Christie who also has a blog ( who is a brilliant model, she is so gorgeous and she wore no make up during this shoot.

I would LOVE to hear your comments and crits on this.


Emily Ground said...

oooo i like this, especailly the yellowy back ground one.
what grade did you get for this? its really good :)


SammyKins said...

Awww thank you emily! really appreciate it and yess that is my favorite too! :)
do you have a blog? id love to see it, and i haven't be graded yet im a bit nervous to be honest!

Milly. said...

I hate your sister! (In a v. complimentary way...!)
I really like these photos - weirdly the yellowy one is probably my least favourite. The 1st, 3rd and final one are my favourites - really good photography & styling.
You should put up the video too :)


SammyKins said...

Awww thanks... i no she is a bitch... god damn her for stealing all the good looks!!
im doing the video at the moment and ill put it up asap :)
do you have a blog? :)

Sammy xxxx

Milly. said...

Hey - you found my blog lol so I don't have to say :)

Thank you so so much for your lovely comment. Means so much as I think my blog is a bit crap most of the time...! I really like yours in total honesty - this post intrigued me and I really want to read more - just what a blog should do!
Also you actually write many blogs I read with crap English! :)

Thanks also for following & adding me to your blog roll - I'm honoured! I'll be doing the same back!! :)

[wow...essay comment]


SammyKins said...

Well your blog is amazing! i mean i have no clue how to do what you did with your header ( all the cool fashion photos and logos) and its what i was aiming to do, but im a techo freak!

and thank you about saying i write proper english because the reason i didn't start a blog is because i am awful at writing and expression myself through words, and spelling :s
it means alot to me honestly i have struggled for years!
i will be following your blog lots and ill spread to word :) i no some fashion bloggers that would love your blog!

Sammy xxxxx

SammyKins said...

(( sorry i meant fashion photo and logo in the different writing... i have no idea how to do that other than the bog standard :s )) xxxx

Milly. said...

I just did the header on paint! :)
Found a website with the font, then added the little image of the shoes, and then just used the 'text' tool!
But thank you muchly anyway :)

Really? Well I think your English is much better than A LOT of people's so no worries.

Aww thanks, would be great to have some new readers! I'll spread the word about yours too, I really really like it.


Christie Brewington said...

hey sammy! i like the editing :). love your blog :) just about to take some pictures and edit them now ive FINALLY got a night off from coursework :) :) :) LOVE LOVE XXXXX



SammyKins said...

@mille, i have a mac computer so i have no idea on how to get paint or anything! i just changed the font but i want a pretty one like yours :)
i love blogs :) ill keep reading your because its an awsome blog :)

Sophie_she said...

The first picture is abosolutly fantastic! The lighting looks great and her skin looks so clear! Love the second festival type outfit too!


SammyKins said...

i no! she didnt even wear any make up... jelous much?? :) she is from
if you want to look at some of her work which is fantastic! and my friend Abbie did her photo shoot too with Christie. the theme was festival xxx

c h a r l o tt e said...

i love the photo in your header.
tbh, i thought it was taken straight out of a magazine til i read this post!

love the blog