Friday, 5 February 2010


So here is yet another one of my projects but this time it has a set theme. Derelict. Our project brief was charity shop, and we had to re create clothes we had brought from a charity shop. I put this photo up because i wanted you all to see my £4.50 fur coat i got from ebay last year!! :)
I did this photo shoot in September it was my first assignment and we had to take the clothes, i.e a dress and make them into shorts.

Me and my friend Rebbecca decided to team up, as we wanted to combine our ideas, and work with the same model ( my sister Christie). WE also had to use accessories in what ever way we wanted to show our examiner on what level our styling skills would be. In the photo below the denims shorts were made from a denim jacket, we teamed this with a 'play hard' vest, a vintage trilby and my Primark blazer.

This is one of my favorite photos of Christie as her hair looks amazing! and the worst part is its all natural...jealous much?! This red dress was made from a skirt, which i reconstructed into two parts, a high waisted skirt and a vest top.

This is the same outfit, but here you can see the most amazing shoes... they are pretty much a copy of YSL caged shoes that i have always wanted, but these are from new look and only £20!

Denim shorts (same as above) but we wanted to change her hair to make her look more smart, so we did It in a messy bun and added geek glasses.

I adore these high waisted shorts, these are made from a floral jumper, and we added a sequined top with them.

This was the chosen location, looks creepy right!? i was so scared as first of all we shot at cold Christmas ( an abandoned Church) in Essex. We had to walk through fields in the dark to get back we were so scared!

This is an abandoned mental asylum, and there is about 30 acres of hospital wards and homes. It is such a beautiful place, and there was so much potential we saw when we research it. UN fortunately we couldn't get inside as it was too dangerous, and i was too scared as there is still hospital equipment and sinks etc. SCARY

These two are so gorgeous of Christie, we backcombed her hair like there was no tomorrow! The top is made from on old lace curtain, which was made into a poncho with a hood! something i have wanted to make since i started studying fashion.

We used props from Rebbecca house, like the chandeliers you have seen in most of the photos. we thought It would look vintage with the theme and location.

Let me no what you think!

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Milly. said...

WOW Love this! !
I really want those floral shorts...
That place looks so so scary?!

I know someone else who does 'derelict' photos, but it's totally different - quite cool that there can be totally different ideas.

Adore. J'adore. This though.


Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

Well you already know what I think of this-
talented bitch!

♥ Hannah



Sweet bee said...

love the way you captured here body movements and the use of the background. looking forward for your next post! feel free to visit my blog

Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

These photos are stunning! I love the red dress the model is wearing. When I read you were shooting in an old asylum I flipped... there was an old TB sanitarium much like that one where I grew up. It was terrifying!

alice_eve said...

mental asylums scare the shit out of me, no offence! LOVE the photos, the close-up big haired one of the red dress is my favourite! love everything about it! xoxo

sarah xo said...

These photos are gorgeous!! I love the floral shorts! so cutee ♥


Fashionography. said...

The outfits are amazing!

Fayoona said...

charity shop challenge. awesome.
xx fi

Anonymous said...

you look amazing!!! wow love your blog :D

Anonymous said...

you look amazing!!! wow love your blog :D

isabella said...

Thank u so much!!!

RepublicOfChic said...

What a steal! :)