Sunday, 28 February 2010

Birthday Times

Im finally back after a very random up and down birthday... and it still hasn't ended! as a certain person got so drunk on my night out we i had to take them back at midnight. I was not happy!! so we are re doing it on Thursday! A double birthday i think so!!! AND I'm also celebrating with my best friend Hannah when i get back home.
So on my actual birthday i was woken up with breakfast in bed, lots of funny and nice cards, a hand made photo album, Italian vogue and lots of money for shopping! My mum also came to see me and take me out for an Indian which was SOO yummy.
I was so happy! i also got £50 Topshop voucher which i spent as i went into town, had lunch and had a major shopping trip. This is what i spent it on...

This is my baseball style crop top... i love it so much! i wore it to a party with a body con skirt, lots of gold jewelry, my dotty tights and big chunky boots.


These are a medley of really awesome earrings! and seen as i have soo many piercing i thought this would be a cool investment, and a very nice picture of my ear...HA

My heart earrings, they are so heavy but worth it!

My layered gold necklace, i mainly got this for the cameos and pearl as it adds a vintage touch. The hearts are also lockets which i thought was sweet.

And last but no least, dotty tights that i have wanted for so long. *LOVE*

And good news... i have a camera!! finally i will have clear pictures and can do more creative photos.
How has everyone's week been?
Love Love


Dolly Daydream aka Jasmine said...

From what I've seen your outfit must of been killer I am sorry you did not have a good time on your birthday, hope you have a better time the next one.

From Dolly

Katy said...

Aw i hope you will have fun then but you still got some pretty awsome stuff :D And i love the dotty tights

Anonymous said...

that´s fine,that you´ll be celebrating with hannah,i guess it is hannah rose?
have a nice time <3

Paz said...

I love the earrings, the magazine and the tights :D
Happy B-Day!

tess said...

amazing necklaces!

Couture said...

Those earrings are so beautiful!


heartshapedbruise. said...

Some rather cool purchases there!

Sorry your birthday didn't go quite to plan, but at least you get more celebrations out of it!

Take care

Camila said...

I love the earrings! specially the black glasses earring haha
I really liked your blog, visit mine, it's new :)

Hannah ♥ said...

love the new purchases! especially all the earrings and that gorgeous top.
I'm so glad your birthday turned out perfectly in the end :)

pleaseeee post your shopping outfit & night out outfit? they sounded so amazing! x




sarah xo said...

I'm sorry you didn't have a good birthday hopefully your second one will be or was better! I love everything you got! Especially that layered necklace! So pretty x]



Charlie ♥ said...

sucks about your birthday chick, hopefully youll have a better do over! i still wanna know what you wore/are going to wear, so put it up!

and i love random earrings too!



Oh, Natalie.. said...

How have I not seen your blog before? Love it, & love the tights.

New follower xx

Robyn said...

I love the earrings! What a cute idea for multiple piercings.


Lsje said...

Love the top, it's verry cute

itswhatwewant said...

congrats on your new camera!! :)

Anonymous said...

oh-em-gee just realised by ur best friend hannah you mean THE hannah from london rose! ur so lucky!!!!!!