Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Silly Thumper & Blog Give Away Winners!

Some of you may have noticed that i haven't posted in a whole week when i usually do at least one a day... this is due to my rabbit Thumper being let loose in the house and chewing the only laptop charger i had so i couldn't use my laptop. I could have made him into rabbit stew.. i swear.
But any ways I'm sorry i have been rubbish at replying to your messages but its all sorted now :)
Today i was meant to pick my new car up from the garage and them they called me to say its not ready till Thursday, but i was all dressed and ready to take my new car out and then take my friend shopping (again).. epic fail. although i took some photos of my outfit. I felt like a bit of a 1960's house wive.. but oh well ! and here are some of my cheap and cheerful purchases from my recent shopping spree..

I got these famous few from Primark! yay got to love it..

Owl magnifying glass necklace: £2.00
Bows: £1.00
White sunnys: £1.00
(I also got a coral coloured pair too! how can you say no really?)

So this was the shopping outfit, I'm wearing high waisted leggings, with a patterned red boob tube and an acid wash denim shirt. I teamed this up with bracelets and big gold hoop earrings.

High waisted leggings: £22 (Topshop)
Red boob tube: £9.99 (Zara)
Acid wash shirt: £10.00 (Primark)

I also wore my pointy black pumps, they are so comfy!

Some times they can look a bit trashy, but i like them with this outfit!
Gold Hoop earrings set of 6: £1.00 (Primark)

Blog Giveaway Winners
I have used a random number application on google to choose first and second winners of the prize giveaway. And 2nd prize goes to....
Logan from Life, Style Logan
And first prize goes to.....
Pippa from Clashing time!
Well done girls if you could email me your information ill sent the prizes out as soon as possible!
How is every ones day been?
Love Love

Monday, 15 March 2010

118 118

This is a dreadful photo but my camera was out for battery and i have no battery's left.. epic fail! But here I'm wearing my step dads vintage sex pistols t-shirt ( have gave me and my sister all of his old rock t shirts! ) my coral body con skirt, ruched socks from legavenue and my gold tiger necklace from Topshop.

Its been a hectic weekend.. first i had my sister Laura's 18th birthday party, then her house party and then mothers day! So sorry Ive been boring and not posted i a while..:D

The house party we had was fancy dress and me and my little sister Christie came as 118 118 and made our own t-shirts.. not hard but fun! Laura, my other sister did the same thing but instead of 118 she had 18 and got people to sign her. It was so much fun!

I'm not actually THIS orange.. its was very bad lighting! These are my sisters and Helen my sisters best friend who is a legend!
These are the awesome home made outfits ha ha . It was so cheap to do! we had happy birthday on our backs.. we are cool like that!

So how was everyones weekend and mothers day?? The giveaway competition ends on friday so everyone get entering!!!!!

Love Love


Friday, 12 March 2010


So guys i am finally doing a blog giveaway and i hope i don't suck at what prizes i have! I have got a 1st and 2nd prize because i just wanted to give you all prizes for being amazing bloggers and followers!
Second Prize
I am giving away a leopard print thin waist belt... i just love it!
First Prize
For first prize i am giving away Aprils 2010 Vogue, a pastel blue gold encrusted ring and a big bar of galaxy chocolate! This is my first giveaway so i was a bit worried about what i could give as prizes so i hope this is ok...
The Rules
Ok the rules for everyone that doesn't know, or hasn't entered yet. If you entered in the last post don't re enter! :)

1.) You need to be a follower/follow this blog to enter this competition.
2.) Leave me your email address/blogspot.
3.) You must tell me a joke!
4.) Comment below to enter
5.)To get an extra point (this means that ill put your name in the hat twice) you can do a small post on this giveaway and let me know :)

Anti Blog Bullying
One of my FAVORITE bloggers Pipa from Clashing Time (you should check it out she is amazing and so lovely) has started an anti bullying blog for all us bloggers who have been attacked by the o so clever anonymous. She has made its so that we can all share our experiences and fight back!! Its about time, I'm fed up of these low life's upsetting lovely and fabulous people because of jealousy.
Check it out and follow it!
[Click Here for Anti Bullying Blog]
How is everyone!?
Love Love

Thursday, 11 March 2010

For All Bloggers Who Have Had Haters & Blog Giveaway

So i have had a few anonymous 'haters' and instead of getting pissed about it, i have taken inspiration from their amazing constructive criticisms.
First of all i have been told to wear clothes 3 sizes bigger because i am SO fat... so as you can see i am wearing my step dad's xxl tshirt and his over sized leather jacket. AND its all black so it takes away the years. I think this is definitely one of my sexier looks
I have also been told that 'I'm shit at typing and FUGLY, and cant spell' by an anonymous that spells people 'ppl' and like 'lyk'. So thanks for the English lesson. I will remember for next time.
This post is for all you who have had these creative and lovely comments from the ever so intelligent anonymous, and to say a big thank you to you bloggers who have had to put up with it and are still going strong today teaching me more and more everyday about fashion and your worlds.
To say a big thank you i am doing a giveaway and you can all start entering now :D
The rules are as follows:
1.) You must be a follower of this blog to enter
2.) Leave your email address/blog spot
3.) You have to tell me a joke :)
I will post pictures of what i am giving away tomorrow, but ill give you a clue. Something to eat, something to wear and something to use.... Not big clues i know, but you can enter now!
How has your days been?
Love Love

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Ballards Gore

Hey guys.. just a short one this morning as i willl be doing a double outfit post with my gorgeous sister chirstie tonight! But im up ridiculuosly ealry and thought i would do a quick post and tell you about Lawrie Phillips film that he made for his final major project. He found out yesterday that he was in the semi finals (yay) and needs all the votes he can get, becuase if he wins this then it means he will win £10,000! which instanstly means a HUGE shopping trip for me! HAha

Story Line

A young man offers his througts anf feelings around love, life and smoking. Shot in an artistic light there are twists that leave you wanting to know more.

So if you want to watch it and if you like it then your vote will be much appreciated! Its only 6 minutes long..

So please click [here] if you fancy wacthing it.
How's everyones day been?
Love Love

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Happy 101 Blogger Award

I have just received my two first award and all in one night, i no its late but i just couldn't wait to do this post!! Im such a lucky girl! AND from two different blogs! This award is called the happy 101 blogger award and the rules are:

1.)When you have received this award you must thank the person that awarded you this in the new post.
2.) Name the 10 things that make you happy ( If you want use photos like me!)
3.) Pass this award onto 10 other bloggers and inform the winners.

So THANK YOU so much for this brilliant award it make me so happy to relive this award! A big Thank you to the girls from The Red Hiney and Clashing Time.
( Check there blogs out they are so awesome and have great style and so so quirky!)

these are the 10 things that make me most happy...

1.) I love the snow! Makes me feel like a kid again!

2.) The boyfriend.. even tho he can annoy me SO much sometimes, but I cant live without him and love him to bits.

3.) My mummy... im really proud of her she has been a brilliant role model for me.

4.) The person that you can trust with your life, who will understand you even when your wrong, My best friend Banana.

5.) My sisters Laura and Christie, we are all so close and i just cant imagine what life would be like without them.

6.) My nana noodles! She is such a saint, and the nicest person in the world.. the perfect nana.

7.) I love to draw

8.) My bunny rabbit Thumper! he is a nutcase and humps EVERYTHING in site HA!

9.) Those Drunken Nights out...

10.) AND the mornings after... ((the funny kind of regret!))

That was such a cool award! Im now really happy thinking about all these things that made me happy...im such a loser!
Love You All Bunnys!

Friday, 5 March 2010

Here Comes The Sun....

So i had my interview... which went pretty well, i was sooo nervous and I'm still waiting to hear back so i have my doubts but i don't want to jinx it! But all the work i did for my portfolio stressed me out and had given me a crappy cold but i have had an awesome day! i feel MUCH better now. First of all its sunny, then i went down to the park, watched the boys play football and lie in the sun with some crappy magazines and mini eggs!! Such a chill-ax day.. love it!

I wore this gorgeous chunky knit jumper i got from a charity shop 2 days ago for £2.80.. its really comfy and i love the teal colour. I wore all of my gold jewelry (which is ALOT), black chiffon material tied round my head, an old pair of Primark jeans rolled up. I teamed this with black short socks and my black wedges from New look.. only £16!

I look angry.. Moody Pants!

The jumper...its a size 16, but I'm so in love over sized jumpers with fitted pants.

Look how sunny and nice it was!! i took it at 5pm as well.. i was leaning out the window and people were walking past thinking i was a peeping tom!

I heart sunglasses that are only 98p!

I also took my beloved Elizabeth Arden bag.. love vintage designer bags. Cant say no to £12 for a designer bag! It didn't come with a strap but i cut one off an other bag, in a similar material, folded the strap over the gold hooks and sowed it together.
So who else has had a sunny day?
Love Love

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

WOW at Dakota Fanning

WOW can you believe it... this is Dakota Fanning in Italian Vogue (February 2010)! and she is only 15!
I cant believe how gorgeous and grown up she is now... Jealous much! Sorry its a short one today but i have a Fashion interview in 2 days :/ and im realllyyyyy busy trying to prepare for it! Wish me luck!
How has your day been ?
Love Love