Friday, 12 March 2010


So guys i am finally doing a blog giveaway and i hope i don't suck at what prizes i have! I have got a 1st and 2nd prize because i just wanted to give you all prizes for being amazing bloggers and followers!
Second Prize
I am giving away a leopard print thin waist belt... i just love it!
First Prize
For first prize i am giving away Aprils 2010 Vogue, a pastel blue gold encrusted ring and a big bar of galaxy chocolate! This is my first giveaway so i was a bit worried about what i could give as prizes so i hope this is ok...
The Rules
Ok the rules for everyone that doesn't know, or hasn't entered yet. If you entered in the last post don't re enter! :)

1.) You need to be a follower/follow this blog to enter this competition.
2.) Leave me your email address/blogspot.
3.) You must tell me a joke!
4.) Comment below to enter
5.)To get an extra point (this means that ill put your name in the hat twice) you can do a small post on this giveaway and let me know :)

Anti Blog Bullying
One of my FAVORITE bloggers Pipa from Clashing Time (you should check it out she is amazing and so lovely) has started an anti bullying blog for all us bloggers who have been attacked by the o so clever anonymous. She has made its so that we can all share our experiences and fight back!! Its about time, I'm fed up of these low life's upsetting lovely and fabulous people because of jealousy.
Check it out and follow it!
[Click Here for Anti Bullying Blog]
How is everyone!?
Love Love


heartshapedbruise. said...

I'm now more excited about the giveaway - definitely feeling that ring would be a great addition to my collection!

I'll mention this in my next post - which'll be this weekend some time.

Nabila said...

what do you call a fish with no eye?


aindrea said...

I already follow you :) Count me in for this competition!

My joke isn't a joke per say, but I find it funny all the same, no matter how cheesy!

Say this aloud: ice bank mice elf

Hope I made you laugh! xx

never clip my wings said...

Woah woah great minds think alike! I have that ring, that belt, that issue of vogue and I bought ben some galaxy chocolate after work lol

SammyKins said...

wheyyy janice!!!! :p its mainly because i stalk you...

Paz said...

Thanks for pass always for my blog (:

Kisses from Alicante!

Dolly Daydream aka Jasmine said...

I done the competition in the last post but in reaction to the anti-bullying blog I checked it out also and it is so amazing that she had the idea and it will mean great support for bloggers in the future who are experiencing it. Now I have changed my blogging settings so that anons. cannot comment I don't know if that will help however I have never experienced so I am trying to implent what I can without limiting readers positive comments.

From Dolly

x.abigail said...

That ring is lusssshhh.

You're getting greedy with these jokes!
Here goes...
What’s a gay dinosaur called?


AVY said...

Bullying really sucks.

Elisabeth A, Gry J said...

Cool blog - love it! nice ring btw :)

Christie Brewington said...

im already a follower :)

well its not a joke but its a your mamma joke.

your mamma is so bald when she goes for a shower, she gets a brainwash. :') tehe.



Hannah ♥ said...

I have that belt! We even buy the same things when we're not together, haha! So weird!

They're great prizes silly! Don't worry :P

Hopefullyyyy see you tonight, I'll text you when I know what time my uncle's leaving. & are you free on Monday? I'm free from 9 til 3 so do you want to do something? Maybe just hang out or go raid the stortford charity shops? lol! We could even film a new episode of the london rose tribe with my new camera (but change the name & make it for both our blogs)? Orrrrr plan the photo shoot? so many ideas!





Like your blog!
following you ;]

Sophie said...

Ahh this is such a good giveaway!!

Umm okay, my joke is:

There were two cows in a field, one said "moo" then the other one said "I was just about to say that!"

Hahaha aaawful I know! xx

Y said...

What a great idea (re the anti-bullying)! Someone once called me a fish (huh??) hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Why is it when you try to think of jokes, they NEVER turn up... but when your in the worst of situations they always spring into your head like *that*!

Two snowmen are standing next to eachother. One says to the other "can you smell carrot?"

I told you it would be bad...
Would love to win! That ring is so cute, and chocolate :p 'nuff said ^_^


Glam Girl said...

I love that ring! Congratulation for your blog: it's amazing!

kociaszafa said...

Love Galaxy!

Pippa said...

Award on my blog for you :)

fashionjunkie said...

Great blog! Vogue and galaxy - sounds like my perfect night in!

Charlie ♥ said...

fuck sake ive been meaning to do this for ages but i cant think of a friggin joke! your so annoyinggg!

okay this made me laugh anyway LOL

A man stands up in a pub and says to the next guy "I slept with your mother last night"

The other guy turns to him and says "Dad go home you've drunk enough"

ahahahahahaaa made me lol in english when someone told me :) hope i win! xx

Ruth loves said...

i know i've already commented but i have a funnier joke
its not really funny but hey - i love it haha!

first you have to put a mexican accent on, okay :D?

''what do you call a mexican with no car?"