Friday, 5 March 2010

Here Comes The Sun....

So i had my interview... which went pretty well, i was sooo nervous and I'm still waiting to hear back so i have my doubts but i don't want to jinx it! But all the work i did for my portfolio stressed me out and had given me a crappy cold but i have had an awesome day! i feel MUCH better now. First of all its sunny, then i went down to the park, watched the boys play football and lie in the sun with some crappy magazines and mini eggs!! Such a chill-ax day.. love it!

I wore this gorgeous chunky knit jumper i got from a charity shop 2 days ago for £2.80.. its really comfy and i love the teal colour. I wore all of my gold jewelry (which is ALOT), black chiffon material tied round my head, an old pair of Primark jeans rolled up. I teamed this with black short socks and my black wedges from New look.. only £16!

I look angry.. Moody Pants!

The jumper...its a size 16, but I'm so in love over sized jumpers with fitted pants.

Look how sunny and nice it was!! i took it at 5pm as well.. i was leaning out the window and people were walking past thinking i was a peeping tom!

I heart sunglasses that are only 98p!

I also took my beloved Elizabeth Arden bag.. love vintage designer bags. Cant say no to £12 for a designer bag! It didn't come with a strap but i cut one off an other bag, in a similar material, folded the strap over the gold hooks and sowed it together.
So who else has had a sunny day?
Love Love


Mila said...

wow beautiful bag!

Paz said...

I love itt :)

SophieGrace said...

Fingers cross you get in! im sure you will though
I have a second interview next friday for a fashion college place. So much work to do for it!

Great outfit!

projectvee said...

love the colour of that jumper! i'm in love with the oversized look as well :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comment :)
aww thank you yeah i get bored of my header so much haa! aww thank you :) yeah that is a good idea! i might just have one :) hahaha

Hannah ♥ said...

Sam this hasss to be one of my fave outfits of yours! You look GORGEOUS, so vintage!

I wish things like this suited me.... especially head scarves... grrrr!

LOVE the bag. I am INSANELY jealous :)



Couture said...

Gorgeous outfit!


tess said...

the bag is great

Lola said...

thank you!
And sure I would love to follow your fact I'm going to do that right now! :)


Pippa Artus said...

Cannot believe this was from a charity shop, they have a jumper like this in topshop for £45 :O

Pippa Artus said...

Award waiting for you on my blog :) <3

Melissa said...

I ♥ oversized jumpers (:
I'm sure your interview went great! Good luck <3

xx, Melissa

Jolly Josi said...

That purse is seriously gorgeous.

Nancy Magoo said...

Love that jumper. Grungy goodness.

Charlie ♥ said...

thank you so much sweetie! x

christinefong said...

that Elizabeth Arden bag is GORGEOUS and all for £12? wow, what a great bargain you picked up there ;P
lovely blog

Nikita said...

Cute bag!!


MOLLYKT said...

don't you LOVE oversized clothing though?
that bag is gorgeous!

Teresa said...

I love the color of your sweater! What a beautiful green!

Glam Girl said...

Love this outfit! U look so 80's!