Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Ballards Gore

Hey guys.. just a short one this morning as i willl be doing a double outfit post with my gorgeous sister chirstie tonight! But im up ridiculuosly ealry and thought i would do a quick post and tell you about Lawrie Phillips film that he made for his final major project. He found out yesterday that he was in the semi finals (yay) and needs all the votes he can get, becuase if he wins this then it means he will win £10,000! which instanstly means a HUGE shopping trip for me! HAha

Story Line

A young man offers his througts anf feelings around love, life and smoking. Shot in an artistic light there are twists that leave you wanting to know more.

So if you want to watch it and if you like it then your vote will be much appreciated! Its only 6 minutes long..

So please click [here] if you fancy wacthing it.
How's everyones day been?
Love Love


kavita@iheartvintagex said...

Oooh wow! I shall go vote now :) xxx

Logan said...

Oooh, best of luck! That is so exciting. I am going to watch it as soon as I get this darn work done and vote for sure! xoxo

c h a r l o tt e said...

voted :)

Ruth loves said...

I'm so watching this :) I love your posts each time, and your pictures too! xx

Jules said...

Wish all the best! =D

The Brown Mestizo

Hannah ♥ said...

I remember watching this for the first time in your car! With Lawrie's laptop on my lap!
& being totally blown away.

Suchhh an amazing movie & fingers crossed he'll win!

Thank you for being such a great friend last night, love you x



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Paz said...

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