Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Hey everyone!!!! Im sure you noticed its been a year since i last properly blogged! I basically left due to online bullies ( we all know what that feels like.)

Anyways i am back and can't wait to see all your new blog updates and show you some of my new christmas purchases! Im currently living in the oh so glamourous Cornwall, and the charity shops are amazing! Everything £1 and you get some real gems in there!


My favourite part of winter, big coat and warm boots. I got these from Topshop for £65. Bit over my normal budget but they are gorgeous and so comfy!

I also got a gift from my nan, a gorgeous vintage bag she has had since she was 16! I am in love with it!

For those that followed my blog previously, you will all know that i had such short nails as i bit them. I broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years 6 months ago and just wanted a change ( i know it sounds silly but you know what its like!) so i decided to break the life time habit and grow them! 6 months later.....

Bit of a random post but i would love to hear from you all again!

Love Sammy

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